Tips For Trimming Your Hedges

Hedges can be used to frame your property, beautify your landscape, and add uniformity to your yard. Trimming can be a time-consuming but necessary task for property maintenance, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. 


If you choose to forgo having your local landscapers handle the hard work of trimming for you, these tips are here to help you do a job well done:

Know When The Time is Right

When it comes to non-flowering or evergreen hedges, you can trim as needed, but don’t wait too long; otherwise, weeds will grow. In the warmer months, you may want to consider trimming every 6-8 weeks at the least, and then you can reduce the frequency as the cold rolls in. 


For flowering shrubs, the trimming timing will depend on when those flowers bloom. For spring-flowering hedges, they should be cut once they bloom, while summer flowering hedges can be trimmed in spring or winter.


If you have new hedges of any kind, trimming frequently will encourage healthy growth and allow you to create the shape you want.

Choose Which Trimmer to Use

Now you need your tools! There are corded and cordless electric-powered trimmers that are ideal for small or medium-sized shrubs. There are also gas-powered trimmers that are better to cover a large surface area. Be sure also to pick a trimmer whose blades are best for the hedges you are looking to cut. 


If you’re looking to do some more shaping, handheld pruning tools such as hand shears, loppers, or a pruning saw are best to achieve the exact look you desire.  

Trim Properly

Trimming your hedges can be a quick and easy task if you know what you’re doing. These tips are here to help:

  • Start by shearing the interior and the seriously overgrown areas. Follow by using the power trimmers to define the hedges’ shape.
  • Leave the bottom section of your shrub a bit wider than at the top, so the lower branches can get enough sunlight. 
  • Wear safety gear to ensure you are protected. This means wearing gloves, glasses, and a face mask if you are sensitive to pollen or landscape clippings. 
  • Keep the blades of your handheld shears as sharp as possible to ensure neat cuts.  


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