Tips For Maintaining Your Gas Grill

Summer is made for grilling in your backyard and spending quality time with family and friends. Make sure those fun times are never stalled by a dirty or broken grill by keeping it properly maintained with these easy tips:

Regularly Check The Propane Tanks

It’s important to regularly check the internal parts of your grill to ensure that it’s operating safely and correctly. The first thing you’ll want to do is check for a propane leak. To do so, run some soapy water along the gas line with the propane turned on. If you notice bubbles forming anywhere, there likely is a leak and you should tighten the connection or replace the line if needed.  

Use a Grill Cover

It’s well worth it to invest in a quality grill cover for whenever you are not using your grill. The grill cover will protect your bbq from all the outdoor elements including dirt, leaves, bugs, and the weather. Using a grill cover as well will keep your grill from rusting and will extend the lifespan of it greatly.

Give it a good cleaning

Regularly cleaning your grill is critical to making sure it is always functioning properly. Spot clean after each use by wiping the outside down with a disinfectant spray and use a grill brush or stone to clean the grates to get rid of any bacteria or food debris. Every few months, give your grill a full, heavy cleaning by removing and thoroughly cleaning the grates, removing and washing the burner protectors, wiping down the burners, and cleaning out any gunk or debris on the bottom. Put your grill back together and then your ready to cook away!

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