Tips For Gardening Beginners

If you’re looking to spend more time outside this spring and summer, gardening may be just the hobby you’re looking for! Gardening helps reduce stress, puts a smile on your face, and gives you something to work hard on and feel proud of. Whether you’re growing flowers, shrubs, fruits, or vegetables, you’ll be amazed by what you can do, and your landscape will look more beautiful than ever.

Here are some tips to help you start your garden if you’re a beginner:

Pick The Best Spot

It’s all about real estate when it comes to gardening. To ensure your garden gets what it needs and thrives, you need to plant in an ideal spot. These are something to consider when picking out the best site: 

  • Follow the sun – Your plants will need lots of sunlight, so pay attention to how the sunlight travels throughout the day, and find a spot that gets lots of sun.
  • Stay near water – Try not to stray too far from a water source, so it’s easier for you to give your plants water every day.
  • Keep it in sight – Place your garden in an area that you can regularly check on from inside your house or isn’t too far, so you’re more likely to go outside and tend to it.

Choose The Right Plants

Not all plants can grow successfully in the same conditions. It’s essential to choose plants that will be able to grow in your climate. Some plants need lots of sun and love the heat, while others don’t mind cooler temperatures. Some plants need their space, and others like close neighbors. To ensure your plants grow nicely, do some research to see which plants are ideal for where you live.  

Use Good-Quality Soil

Soil gives your plants nourishment, so you want to utilize nutrient-rich and well-drained soil. Consider speaking with an expert at your local gardening store for some advice when buying your soil.

Give Your Plants Nourishment

Take good care of your plants to help them grow. Some ways to keep them happy and healthy include:

  • Mulch Applying a layer of mulch that is about 2 inches deep around each plant helps retain moisture and reduce weed growth.  
  • Water – Your plants need lots of water, so be sure to water them at least once every day, especially if there has been no rain.
  • Food – To go the extra step, invest in some quality plant food to give to your plants. Be sure to follow the directions given to know how much.


Organic Gardening in Fairfield, CT

Let us handle the dirty work of gardening for you! The experts at Ambrosio Landscape Solutions will set up, plant, get your garden started with organic vegetables that you can then watch grow and enjoy. Contact us today or give us a call at (203) 762-5167 to learn more about our organic gardening services.

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