The Importance of Exterior Lighting During Winter

Outdoor lighting plays an important role as part of your landscape all year round. However, with the cold and dark days of winter, it’s even more of a necessity this time of year. Take a look at these many reasons why exterior lighting during winter is important:

Light Up The Dark

The most obvious of the reasons it’s important to have outdoor lighting during winter is to help you see! The days are very short during the winter months, with the sun setting earlier and rising later. And when you return home from work or are heading out early, you don’t want to be stuck, unable to see. 


Lighting is a simple tool to help accentuate the most beautiful parts of your home’s exterior. Especially during winter, when nature can be bare and the mood more solemn, lighting can help emphasize the true beauty of your house. This huge boost in curb appeal will also increase your home’s value! 

Safety and Security

Perhaps the most important reason, outdoor lighting helps give your property an extra layer of safety. First, lighting helps you see where you’re going as you walk and maneuver outside so that you can avoid trips and slips – especially after a snowfall and during icy temperatures! Exterior lighting also helps keep away criminals since they can’t hide in the dark around your property. Try motion detector lights for extra added lighting protection.  

More Time Outdoors

During the winter, many of us can’t wait to get back to enjoying warm weather. Another benefit of exterior lighting on your property is that it helps extend the days, allowing for more time spent enjoying the outdoors. Once the temperatures start to go back up, exterior lighting allows you to start utilizing your outdoor space sooner. 

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