Protecting Your Property From Deer

It’s deer season, meaning deer populations are enjoying the weather and looking for places to feed and rest. Residents of Connecticut are used to seeing deer pop up outside their homes from time to time but don’t love the destruction they can have on your plant life. Luckily, there are plenty of tricks to help you deter deer from visiting your property:

Eliminate Plants That Attract Deer

If you have fruit trees or a vegetable garden growing in your yard, don’t wait to harvest the produce because otherwise, you’re providing deer with an all-you-can-eat buffet. Other plants, such as English ivy, are also enticing to deer, so try and keep those plants off your property or at least closer to your home. 

Add Plants That Naturally Repel Deer

There are various plants that naturally work to deter deer based on their smell, taste, or texture. Aromatic herbs, thorny rose bushes, daffodils, mullein, and boxwood are all prime examples of plants deer do not like and will avoid.

Maintain Your Landscape

Densely planted areas with high grasses are enticing to deer because it gives them a place to relax and hide from predators. Deer will be less likely to spend time on your property if your yard is well maintained regularly.  

Add Levels To Your Property

Deer aren’t very agile when it comes to maneuvering up and down stairs or slopes. Terraces, stacked wood, and sunken beds can all be useful in deterring deer since they won’t be able to navigate around them easily.  

Call A Professional

Your local expert landscapers can help determine the best strategy to help protect your landscape from deer. 


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