How to Remove Ice From Steps

With all of the melting snow and freezing rain, the ground seems to be constantly wet (along with carpets being dirtied). Unfortunately, all of this water is freezing due to the below-freezing temperatures that settle in during the nighttime. The last thing you need is to take a nasty spill down the front steps, so here are a few quick tips on how to get rid of this dangerous ice:

Try to Prepare Beforehand

The best way to remove ice from your steps, walkways, and driveway is to prevent it from forming in the first place. To pre-treat these areas before any ice forms, spray a chemical deicer onto those surfaces before a storm arrives or freezing temperatures go into effect. Simply pour some of this deicer into a garden sprayer and evenly coat the surfaces you want to keep ice off of. Just make sure you choose a biodegradable option.

Removing Ice After the Fact

Not everyone is glued to the weather forecast, so we won’t always know when ice is going to form on our properties. So for those looking to remove ice after the fact, here are a few options:

  • Driveway Salt – This is the most popular option, as it does a pretty good job at melting ice. You can also lay some of this salt out before a big storm to prevent ice from forming and the early snow from sticking. While this stuff does work, the runoff of it can seriously damage the nearby soil and plants — so be careful!
  • Create Traction – If you’re not willing to damage your soil, opt for sand or kitty litter. These materials won’t remove the ice as well like salt or a deicer, but it will allow for enough traction to walk on top of.
  • Go Back to the Deicer – You missed your chance to pre-treat your steps, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t use your chemical deicer. Pumping this deicer on top of the ice can still cause the ice to melt after the fact — you might just need a bit more of the solution (and patience).

The last thing you want is to fall down your front steps on your way to work in the morning — talk about a bad start to your day! For those with steps that need replacement or a property that needs to be plowed, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a solution!

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