Driveway Maintenance Importance This Winter

Often forgotten, your driveway at home is something you’re likely putting weight, pressure, and other things on, on a daily basis. And while this concrete or paver (or dirt!) setup is built to withstand the elements and abuse, you should also be checking in on it from time to time, just to make sure it’s ready for you every season. Here are a few things you can do this winter to make sure your driveway is in the best shape it can be in.


Over time, concrete and asphalt crack — it’s just nature taking its course. From temperature changes to the elements getting in the way, stress cracks can form at almost any moment. Because of this, it’s important to inspect why this is happening, and take the appropriate course of action in making sure it’s mitigated. Filling cracks and smoothing out other areas before ice and water cause it to develop further is something to look at.

Pressure and Stress

With a one-ton or more car on top of pavers and concrete over time, you might notice a bit of settling or dipping within the driveway, and that’s fine, as long as eventually you address the issue. Make sure you’re filling in or leveling off these areas to prevent water pooling and saggy areas that will otherwise cause issues to the pavers, ground underneath, and even a few trips and falls when you’re not paying too much attention to where you’re walking.


For those without proper drainage, your rock or dirt driveway might suffer a fate that sees the dirt run off, rocks moving around, and areas that show extreme wear & tear. It’s important to note any changes in your driveway and try to make the right adjustments to prevent it from happening again — especially if you’re someone who has an angled driveway with less than optimal drain setups.

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