Checklist: Getting Your Home Ready For Fall

Prepare Your House for Fall

The brisk, fresh smell of fall is beginning to linger throughout the air – ‘Tis the season of baking apple pies and carving pumpkins, otherwise known as autumn. Although you may be mentally and physically ready for the cooler weather, what about the outside of your house? Grab a pen and a notebook, and get a fall checklist ready to get your home’s exterior ready for the season change:

Inspect the Home

The first item on your list should be a full inspection of your home’s exterior. Check these areas for any cracks that require caulking to prevent heat from exiting: 

  • Foundation
  • Driveway
  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Doors

If there is an opening in the structure, water could also get in, causing costly damage and mold growth.

Clean the Gutters

With crisper air comes fall leaves, meaning the gutters and downspouts will get cluttered now more than usual. If they are clogged from an overabundance of leaves and other contaminants, rain will be a common recurring problem as it won’t be able to drain properly. Additionally, check to see if the brackets need tightening. The average lifespan of drains is twenty years; thus, if it is time for an upgrade, newer models have built-in leaf guards.

Ensure Your Roof is in Good Condition

Water and severe weather can cause serious damage to your home if the roof is not in perfect condition. From a cracked chimney to mold development, there are plenty of potential issues. Your roof will protect you from harsh weather conditions; therefore, you should take good care of it by fixing missing or loose shingles. This season is the best time to get professional repairs before the snow storms arrive. 

Seal Your Garage Door

With the same functionality as the roof, the garage door will act as a shield from the outside. Weather-sealing the door is essential to protect the inside of your home from rain, snow, hail, and wind. Nonetheless, seal the door to prevent those pesky animals from sneaking in. 

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