Caring for Your Lawn During Spring

One of the best parts of the weather getting warmer is getting to enjoy it outside with your friends and family.  Spring is the perfect time to prepare your lawn for the upcoming warmer months.  A couple of easy steps can help ensure that your lawn grows healthy and looks its best for the rest of the year.  


Raking your lawn helps remove clumps of grass caused by snow and fall leaves and clippings still left on the ground.  Make sure to rake when the soil isn’t muddy or too soft so you don’t accidentally rake up any healthy grass.

Seed or Sod

Place down sod or grass seed in any patches of grass so weeds don’t take over those spots and you have a nice even lawn.  Before doing either, make sure to prepare the soil by removing any weeds and loosening the soil with a rake.  If you choose grass seed, throw the seeds and then lightly cover them with some soil and water.  

Be Mindful of When You Water 

When the ground is dry, the seeds will grow deep into the soil which will help your grass survive longer when they go a long time without water. Try not to water every day after planting the seeds.  Walk on your lawn and if the grass doesn’t spring back up, then it’s a sign you should water your grass.  


First, make sure your lawnmower is running well. Rake any leaves or twigs off your lawn so it doesn’t damage the mower.  When you first mow your lawn, set the height a ½ inch lower than the regular height to break up any debris.  For the future, set the height back to normal.


After two or three mowings, apply fertilizer to your grass to kill weeds.  Make sure not to apply fertilizer too soon so you don’t create fertilizer runoff or make the weeds grow more.

If you want help taking care of your lawn give Ambrosio Landscaping Solutions a call at (203) 762-5167 and let us help you.  

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