Caring For Your Lawn During Spring

Spring has sprung, and your lawn is ready to thrive! Lawn care is no easy task, and if you plan to handle it on your own, we want to be sure you’re prepared and know what to expect.  

These tips are here to make sure you’re ready to help your lawn grow and thrive this spring season: 

Check Your Hoses

Be sure to have the right tools to start your gardening season, and one of the most important to have handy is a good quality hose! Check that your existing hose isn’t damaged in any way. If it’s time to invest in a new one, buy a hose that won’t kink much, is durable, resists UV damage, and is the right length for your needs. 

Fill in the Gaps

Don’t leave any bare patches or spaces without grass in your lawn because weeds will surely find them. Use grass seed or a sod patch after preparing the soil so new grass can thrive and fill the area. Don’t forget to water well and watch the space closely to help it succeed!

Water Properly

Yes, there is a proper way to water your lawn, so it stays as healthy as possible. The roots of your grass grow deep into the soil early on in spring and settle deeper in dryer conditions, so holding off on heavy watering is a smart tactic. Ideally, you want to water your lawn when it needs it and be careful not to overdo it. If you walk across the grass and notice it doesn’t spring back after you step on it, it’s time to water.  

Manage The Weeds

A healthy lawn will resist weed growth relatively well, but it’s inevitable that some will show up throughout the season. It’s essential to manage any weeds early on in spring before they have the chance to spread. Get on the ground and manually take out dandelions, chickweed, and other invaders you notice. Use an appropriate herbicide to help prevent further weed growth on your property.  

Prepare Your Mower

It’s time to get your lawn mower ready for the hardworking season. Before it’s time to use it, have it serviced so professionals can check the starter, filters, belts, battery, spark plug, and blades are all in working order. Check on your mower before and after each cut to ensure it is still safe to use and working efficiently. Prevent damage to your mower by raking your lawn and removing any debris that could get caught in the blades.

Wait to Fertilize

Though fertilizer is lining all the shelves at your local garden shops, you don’t want to grab it just yet. If you give your grass fertilizer early on in spring, it will grow rapidly, meaning you’ll need to mow sooner and more frequently, and more weeds are likely to pop up. Ideally, wait till later in spring, after you’ve mowed your lawn several times.


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