Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors as a Family

Why You Should Spend Family Time Outdoors

There’s nothing like looking over your shoulder and catching a glimpse of this: your children playing a friendly game of tag in the freshly manicured backyard, letting out wholehearted waves of laughter, and giving you the biggest grin as they notice you. Besides the overwhelming feeling of happiness, we’re here to share some of the other benefits of spending moments with your family outside. 

Relieves Stress

Life can be hectic, trying to keep track of everyone’s obligations (e.g., taking your kid to soccer practice or partaking in a work meeting over dinner), and you may feel as if you can’t catch a break. However, outdoor exercises with no distractions as a family are a great way to get quality time – even if it is just thirty minutes of playing ball. Although there may be some whining and groaning, no one will remember how annoyed they were after hanging out and taking a break from responsibilities.

Supports a Healthier Lifestyle

42% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. What does that mean, you ask? More people are staying cooped up inside. This nutrient is essential for preventing everyday and chronic illness. Therefore, staying indoors means your household will be more prone to getting those sniffles. The best way to increase your levels is to get direct sunlight exposure – don’t forget the sunscreen! 

Improve Self-Esteem

As your kids’ minds begin to develop, confidence can be a difficult skill to evolve; however, we know just the solution. Consider indulging in activities that are outside the family’s comfort zone to build more self-esteem, such as rock climbing. Nonetheless, participating in outdoor adventures will elevate your children’s ability to socialize with their peers, making them feel like they’re on top of the world.

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