5 Ideas to Spruce up Your Garden This Spring

Spring has sprung, and your garden is ready to flourish! Get some fresh air and sunshine by heading to your garden and taking some time to get it ready to grow and thrive these warm months. 

If you’re looking to refresh your garden this spring, here are five ideas to get you started:

Spring Cleaning

Just like cleaning the inside of your home, your gardens will also need some touching up. Remove any debris, sticks, or leaves that shouldn’t be in your garden to start with a fresh and clean area and bare soil. 

Prune Your Existing Plants

Each plant needs different treatment, but don’t forget to prune the ones that need it. Carefully remove any dead or diseased branches and stems by cutting them at the base with your sharp pruning shears to encourage healthy growth.

Freshen The Flower beds

Your flower beds could probably use some TLC, and your plants will thank you. Apply some fresh mulch and compost to give your soil the nutrients it needs. This will help your plants to grow happy and healthily all season long.  

Add Some New Plants

Sometimes you just need something new to get excited about. If you have the space, try painting something completely new that is eye-catching and bold. Maybe a bright color? Possibly a tall plant? New greenery? Vegetables? See what catches your eye at your local garden store and don’t before to change things up.  


Your garden can consist of more than just flowers; after all, it’s yours to do whatever you like! If you’re looking to dress your gardens up a bit, try adding some rocks, lawn decorations, fountains, birdbaths, etc. 

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