…quality of service we have come to expect.

– Dianne Dudas Fairfield, CT

In 2004, upon completion of an extension to our living area, we contracted Ambrosio Bros. to design and install an entirely new patio area, with new planting beds and walkways throughout the property. This project also included constructing a sitting wall around the patio, constructing both handicapped and terraced step access from the house to the patio, and landscaping all accompanying and connecting planting beds throughout (this included all drainage and electrical issues as well).

Ambrosio Bros. worked with us throughout each stage of the process, from choosing a design, the type of stone and pavers, and all the plantings. In every instance they addressed our needs, and more than improved upon our original ideas. To say that we were amazed with the finished product and the quality of the work is an understatement. The design elements were so creative and unique, and the entire project was so well pulled together, that even four years later we continuously receive compliments from our family and guests.

In light of the above, we have continued to contract Ambrosio Bros. every year for other enhancement issues, and without fail they continue to provide the quality of service we have come to expect. I would not hesitate to recommend them as a primary — if not sole — contractor for any extensive outdoor project.

– Dianne Dudas Fairfield, CT

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