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Ice forming on plant

Winterizing your Landscape

November 30, 2016

It’s hard to believe that winter will be here in just three weeks — bringing snow, colder temperatures, and festive holidays. But aside from the beauty of the season, there are a few things that need to be taken care of, before you can enjoy (endure) everything that winter has to offer. Seeding. Instead of…

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landscape lighting at night

Walkway Lighting For You

November 2, 2016

It’s hard to believe that we’re preparing for winter, but before you know it, the cold months filled with ice and snow will be upon us. One of the biggest concerns that homeowners have is the wellbeing of those on their property, and with ice forming, it can be a scary thought. One of the…

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Water pouring from gutters into barrel in backyard

Using Rainwater to Your Benefit

April 6, 2016

During the spring months, it seems as if it rains twice as much as usual — but sometimes that’s a good thing! After the cold months of the winter, your plants and lawn need the water in order to prosper. But there have to be other uses for rainwater, right? Right! Check out a few…

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Wood deck with stairs

Extending the Life of Your Deck

March 23, 2016

It’s getting warmer, which means it’s almost time for outdoor activities! Before firing up the grill and opening the patio umbrella, take a look at your deck and make sure it’s ready for the season. Preserving the life of your deck not only increases the value of your home, but it’s aesthetically appealing as well.…

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Person picking up compost

Reducing Your Footprint: Waste Management Tips

March 9, 2016

Waste management typically means anything from bottle recycling to extreme composting. Most communities are in some way involved in responsible management, but conducting some of your own methods can benefit your life at home! Check out some benefits of reducing your footprint. Be Mindful Reducing your imprint is very important. Next time you’re at the…

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Large house with deck and great landscaping

Prepping Your Home For The Warmer Months

March 3, 2016

Only 110 days left until summer! While June 21 might seem like light years away, it’ll be here before you know it — hello, picnic weather! But before you fire up the grill and bring out the lawn chairs, make sure your home is ready for the season ahead. Prepare your home by following these…

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Assortment of vegetables in wooden box

Benefits Of a Vegetable or Fruit Garden

February 16, 2016

Having a vegetable or fruit garden within your landscape offers more benefits than you might realize. In fact, it’s very beneficial to not only the health of you and your soil, but it has some great aesthetic benefits too — Growing your own produce can reduce your chances of being exposed to pesticides to a…

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Person picking up seeds in hand

How You Can Begin Planning Your Landscape Now:

January 28, 2016

It’s crazy to think that in a few months, your garden will be in full bloom, the grass will be bright green, and outside activities will be shared with the warmth of the sun. Because of this, planning your landscape early can create a seamless transition between the seasons. Following these simple tips will help…

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Raking leaves

Why Fall Lawn Care Should Be On Your Property Maintenance Check-List

October 22, 2015

Fall weather is known for it’s beautiful, changing leaves. However, homeowners also know the downside to fall leaves – raking!  No matter what the size of your property, raking can be a time-consuming maintenance task.  We offer property maintenance services for fall cleanups that help keep your lawn in good condition and help provide you with…

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Leaves stuck in gutter

Landscaping and Property Maintenance Tips for Fall

September 30, 2015

Soon, the leaves will be turning and it will truly feel like Fall. As we adjust to the chilly air and autumn weather, it’s time to also alter our landscaping maintenance routines. These tips will help your yard look beautiful all season long. Fall Landscaping Tips: Clean Your Gutters – Fall leaves may look beautiful, but…

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