Saltwater vs. Freshwater Swimming Pool

Once you’ve decided it’s time to add a swimming pool to our home’s landscape, next you’ll want to choose whether you want saltwater or freshwater. But what’s the difference? The experts here at Ambrosio Landscaping Solutions are here to help you understand the differences to help make your decision:

What’s The Difference Between a Saltwater and Freshwater Swimming Pool?

When it comes to the difference between a swimming pool with saltwater or freshwater, it may seem obvious that one has salt while the other does not, but there’s more to it. What really makes these two types of pools differ is the chlorination process. 

For saltwater, the chlorine is released to the water through a chlorine generator. The generator breaks down regular salt found in the saltwater and turns it into chlorine gas that helps keep the water sanitized. For freshwater pools, chlorine is manually added to the water by tablets or chemicals. The frequency and amount in which the chlorine is added to the water will depend on the size of the pool, how often it’s used, and the weather.  

Is a Saltwater Pool or Freshwater Pool Better?

When it’s time to make your final decision, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons for both types of swimming pool water. Saltwater pools see many benefits such as:

  • Maintenance cost and ease – Since there is no need to buy chemicals and testers consistently to ensure your pool is properly chlorinated, maintenance costs are lower, and the overall effort of keeping your pool maintained is less.
  • Better water quality and feel – The salt in the water will have a slightly salty taste, but the real difference is how the salt makes the water feel. Salt in the water is equivalent to adding a water softener, and you’ll notice it feels less abrasive on your eyes, skin, and swimwear.
  • Better sanitation – Since there is always a consistent flow of chlorine going into the water, the water tends to be more sanitized and of healthier quality. There is also no need to purchase, handle, and store any chemicals.

Despite these great benefits of saltwater swimming pools, a few drawbacks may make you want to consider a freshwater pool. Though maintenance costs tend to be lower for saltwater pools, the initial installation will be more expensive. Another noticeable drawback to think about is that the salt in the water can cause corrosion. The salt will leave a residue on any stone that, over time, can be difficult to clean. If not properly maintained, the stone and pool equipment can be damaged and need replacement. 


At the end of the day, both types of water for your swimming pool are great and will help you stay cool and have fun all summer long!  


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