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Lawn of house

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

March 27, 2015

Now that it’s finally spring, it’s time to start thinking about caring for your lawn.  While our professionals are here to help with all of your property maintenance and landscaping needs through the spring and summer months, here are a  few tips to help get you started. Spring Lawn Prep Tips: Remove Debris – As the weather…

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Outdoor kitchen

How to Make Sure Your Outdoor Kitchen Survives the Winter

March 19, 2015

Did your outdoor kitchen survive the winter?  With more snow on its way, it’s important to make sure that your outdoor kitchen is capable of withstanding cold winter temperatures so that you can utilize and enjoy it all summer!  Here are a few tips from House Logic to help make sure that your outdoor kitchen…

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Pond in backyard

How to Care for Your Pond in the Winter

March 12, 2015

A pond can be a beautiful addition to your yard.  They can help add relaxation and zen to your home.  They do require some maintenance when the temperatures begin to plummet.  Here are a few tips to help your pond and your fish survive during cold temperatures. Cold Weather Pond Tips: Use a De-Icer – Install…

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Cactus covered in snow

How to Protect Your Garden Pots During the Winter

March 9, 2015

Did you take steps to prepare your garden for winter this year?  Cold winter temperatures can damage sensitive plants and trees.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you get through the rest of the winter.  If you do end up with plant damage after the cold winter we have had, we…

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Pool with hot tub

Summer Days Around the Pool

March 25, 2013

With the cold weather still upon us, it is hard to imagine those hot steamy summer days where we become prisoners to the indoors once again, looking for some air conditioning relief.  But before we know it, those hot days will be upon us and you will be wishing you had that swimming pool,  enjoying the outdoors with…

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Patio in backyard

Spring Is Here; Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It!

March 23, 2013

Even though it doesn’t feel like spring outside, and there is still the possibility of more snow for Monday’s forecast, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel yesterday when estimating some asphalt driveways.  To my delight,  saw some refreshing signs of early spring life in the landscape with some daffodils starting to sprout and…

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