Winter Plant Care Tips

Now that the temperature has dropped and it finally feels like winter, it’s time to make sure that your plants are protected for the cold days and nights to come.

These tips will help keep your dormant plants in good condition through the winter months so that they are ready to grow and bloom in the spring.

Winter Plant Care Tips:

  • Bring Plants Indoors – Many types of garden plants can be brought indoors and grown as houseplants.  They’re also a great way to add life and warmth to your home during the cold winter months.
  • Winterize Potted Containers – If you’re leaving your potted plants outdoors, you need to make sure that they are well insulated.  In general, the more soil in the pot, the better insulated the roots will be.  You can also cluster your potted plants together in a sheltered location.
  • Add Mulch to Your Landscape – Mulch is important during the winter too!  They help keep your plants from repeated freezing and thawing.  Mulch will help insulate your plants.
  • Protect Evergreens – Use burlap screens or shade cloth shelters to protect evergreens from dry winter wind.  You can also protect young trees by protecting their trunks with wire or tree-guard products.
  • Prevent Damage from Animals – During the winter, rabbits, deer, and other small animals will be foraging for food.  Make sure that your plants are protected with trunk wraps, burlap and repellents that help deter animals from damaging your plants while feeding.

Do you have any questions about how to care for your plants this winter?  We can help you keep your landscape in good shape through the winter months – so that you’re left with a beautiful yard and garden when the spring comes!  You can learn more about our property maintenance and landscape design services on our website or you can contact Ambrosio Landscape Solutions directly by calling 203-762-5167.

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