Why You Need An Outdoor Kitchen

The months of summer are best spent outside, wouldn’t you agree?

In order to fully enjoy every aspect of the warmer months, your backyard should feature all necessary amenities — like an outdoor kitchen! It may seem small, but having to walk inside each time you need something can be very inconvenient.

Building an outdoor kitchen will provide everything you’ve ever needed for the perfect backyard BBQ, right on your patio!

Running Water

Why waste more than you need to? Lay your steaks and burgers on the grill, and clean the plate off immediately. You’ll be able to use the same plate and less water than it would take to clean two of them. This helps keep bugs away from dirty items so you can continue enjoying the outdoors.

An Extra Fridge

Ditch the cooler, and opt for a fridge under the counter! You’ll be able to keep an array of refreshing drinks at an arm’s reach. Instead of making multiple trips to bring food out, you can also keep them cold and away from the bugs — perfect for marinating meat!

Counter Space

It’s much easier to serve your food on a counter than shoving it all on top of a table you plan to eat at. Invite your guests to come up buffet style and take what they want. You’ll save a bunch of important space, allowing your guests to dine comfortably.

Creating the outdoor kitchen of your dreams isn’t an impossible task, and the team at Ambrosio Landscape Solutions is ready to transform your patio into the coolest spot on a hot day!

Transform your landscape into the backyard getaway of your dreams! Ambrosio Landscape Solutions is committed to making those dreams become a reality! If you’re ready to reimagine your outdoor space, give us a call at  203-762-5167! For more tips and tricks, like us on Facebook!


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