What’s Wrong With My Driveway?

Is your driveway ugly to look at?

Is it filled with cracks, waves, and indents?

If so, your driveway is trying to show you that something is wrong and corrective action must be taken. Here’s what’s currently wrong with your driveway:

Large Cracks

Over time, driveways will experience small cracks due to weather conditions and extreme temperature changes. Eventually, these cracks will grow large enough where they turn into a problem that needs fixing.

DIY driveway sealers only work as a temporary fix, so you must use a hot sealer. Before heating the sealant, make sure the crack is cleaned of any dirt to allow the hot sealer to fill the crack completely, and then expand as it dries.


If your driveway resembles an ocean of waves, the ground beneath the driveway is either too loose or heavy vehicles are being driven and parked on it.

When you have loose ground underneath the driveway, moisture can freeze during winter, expand, and cause the driveway to buckle. For homeowners, with RVs, extremely large trucks, or ground moving equipment, the heavy load can damage the asphalt.


When the driveway begins to sink (usually closest to the house), this could be because of eroding soil and aggregate.

Faulty gutter systems that drain water from the roof to the base of the house can cause pooling on the lawn. This flooded and saturated land can now begin to shift, resulting in areas of a sunken driveway.

For homes that were just built, a sunken driveway can also mean the land underneath the house is still settling.

Driveways can experience a whole slew of problems — what warning signs is yours trying to show you? When you need your driveway repaired or completely repaved, we’ll be happy to do that for you!

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