Walkway Lighting For You

It’s hard to believe that we’re preparing for winter, but before you know it, the cold months filled with ice and snow will be upon us.

One of the biggest concerns that homeowners have is the wellbeing of those on their property, and with ice forming, it can be a scary thought.

One of the best ways to combat the fear of a slip and fall is to equip your walkway with lighting options! Whether it’s in-ground, short or tall lighting, it’s an important thing to have at home to prevent injuries from occurring.

In-Walkway Lighting

Some of the most modern looks for your home can be in-walkway lighting controlled by switches inside your home. These additions can be added to existing hardscapes or new ones, lighting the way for your guests and allowing them to see what they’re going to be walking on, should there be any obstructions in the way.


Street lamp style lighting is popular in many rustic looking homes that wish to retain the same look outdoors. These bright lights can illuminate not only the path in which you’re walking but also the area around you to give your home the lighting it needs. Consider this killing two birds with one stone!

Other lighting options can be hung from your home, or embedded into the existing hardscapes you already have. The main purpose of these during the cold months is to keep everyone safe from the elements. Sometimes, it’s hard to do that, and proper lighting can only help!

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