Upgrading That Driveway This Season

With the holidays and colder weather coming up, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your home’s appearance.

While many don’t focus on landscaping when it is cold out, there is one thing that can benefit from a remodeling before it’s too cold — your driveway!

If yours looks outdated and could use an upgrade, consider a few reasons why now is the time.


After years of weight and the elements, it isn’t hard to believe that your driveway may show signs of cracking this can be attributed to many other factors as well, but when moisture gets between those cracks and freezes, it only makes it worse. Having your driveway redone can eliminate this problem before it begins happening again. If it’s only a mild crack, it may only need to be filled!


Curb appeal means a lot to homeowners. If you’re constantly having guests over or giving the idea of selling a thought, maybe switch to a new driveway. Instead of traditional, you could always opt for a paving stone setup as well! This can be connected to your walkways and lead to the stones in your patio; talk about matching it perfectly!

More Room

Sometimes all you need is a few more feet. Your kids are starting to drive, and the garage is packed with your 302 mustang. Well, maybe it’s not a muscle car, but if you need space, you can create it extending the width of your driveway is always an option and doesn’t take much work. It can drastically improve the space needed to fit that shiny new car or motorcycle.

If your driveway is lacking the luster it deserves and is walked all over (literally) give the team at Ambrosio Landscaping a call.

We’re trained in all aspects of landscaping and can transform your home into the beautiful abode it’s been yearning to be.

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