Unique Landscaping Styles For 2016

With the New Year in full swing, it’s time to start brainstorming about your plan for when it gets warmer!

Landscaping is a step by step process, and your best option would be to get ahead before it’s too late.

Below are a few landscaping styles for 2016 to draw inspiration from.

Consider Different Colors

In the typical garden, it’s normal to see an abundance of spring and summer colors that serve as the main focal point of your landscape. This year, however, many homes are adopting a style from European homes, which focuses on darker shades, paired with fall colors that stick out. The warmer colors also pair very well with smaller shrubs and plants that have asymmetrical branching.

Purposeful Plants

It’s much more rewarding to get something out of all of your hard work and maintenance in the garden than just an appealing visual. Why not plant with a purpose? Maintaining beautiful plants that provide a ‘reward’ during the season is a great way to spend more time outside tending to your plants over watching television. Try planting tomato or grape plants that will give you a healthy snack, and also look great in the yard.

Custom Lighting

Lighting can help emphasize certain aspects of your landscape at night.  You won’t believe how much of a difference a few lights make. Landscape lighting can include walkway lights, overhead lights, or accent lights spread out around the property. Not only will they provide highlighting benefits, but they will also create a much more inviting atmosphere than a large spotlight.

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