Tips to Help You With Your Outdoor Holiday Lights

Are you ready to start putting up your holiday lights?

Before you go ahead and get started, take a few seconds to sit down and read this blog.

Why, you might ask?

The family here at Ambrosio is going to provide you with a few tips that ALL homeowners should know before hanging their exterior holiday lights.

Before You Get Started

  • Pre-Purchase – If you’re going to be decorating the exterior of your home, make sure you’re purchasing lights that are made specifically for outdoor use. You should also check to see how many strands of lights can be safely connected, so you know which length to buy.
  • Light Type – When it comes to holiday lights, you want to purchase LEDs. LED lights will use less energy than the average incandescent bulbs and won’t be as warm to the touch. You’ll save money on energy bills and help prevent possible fires.
  • Safety Inspection – Before hanging any lights, inspect them to make sure there are no wires that are exposed and that all of the bulbs are working. This goes for both lights that you have been using for years AND new lights you have just recently purchased (better to be safe than sorry).
  • Use a Timer – All lights should be attached to timers, this way the lights aren’t on at all hours of the day/night. This will prevent the lights from burning out too quickly and so you’re not paying for something that no one is seeing.

Hanging Holiday Lights

  • The House – Hang lights to the fascia of your home or the gutter system. This can be done by attaching light clips to the fascia or gutters and then attaching the strands of lights to the clips. Hanging lights here is the staple to all exterior holiday decorations.
  • Trees/Bushes – When hanging lights on trees, it’s best to use a light hanging pole. This will allow you to reach heights that are unsafe to reach with a ladder (especially if it’s on the lawn or far away from a stable surface). For bushes and shrubs, opt for a light wrap that can evenly cover them with simple installation.
  • Railings – Wrapping railings with lights is as simple as it looks. However, if you want a clean look with an easy installation, consider using deck clips to make everything easier and neater.

Hanging your exterior holiday lights is a tradition, but make it one that is easy to do with an outcome that is beautiful to see. When it comes to your property, it should be properly lit up all year long with landscape lighting. When you’re interested in adding this to your property, contact Ambrosio Landscape Solutions by calling (203) 762-5167.

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