Tips For Summer Pool Safety

There’s nothing quite like cooling off in a pool during the hot summer months! Whether you’re in your own pool, at a friend’s house, or the public swimming pool, water safety should always be a priority for you and the others you’re with. 

Here are the summer pool safety tips everyone should know before going swimming: 

Learn How to Swim

It’s best to avoid going into a pool if you don’t know how to swim. Even if you intend to stay in the shallow end, it is still unsafe to be around water without the knowledge and skills of how to swim in non-standable water. If you don’t already know how to swim, learn before getting in a pool. 

Don’t Go Swimming Alone

When it comes to swimming in a pool, it’s safest to always have at least one other person with you. Even if you’re an experienced swimmer, accidents can happen, and it’s best to have someone else there in that event. If kids are swimming, there should always be parental supervision. 

Stay Away From Drains

Drains are a major hazard to those in the pool if you’re not careful. Limbs, bathing suits, jewelry, and hair can all get caught in the powerful suction from the draining, causing serious injury or drowning. 

Walk, Never Run

The ground surrounding your swimming pool may be more slippery than you realize. It is always recommended to walk and never run when near a pool to avoid serious injury from slips and falls. 

Keep Emergency Essentials Nearby

From drownings to slips and falls, there are a variety of potential incidents that can occur in or around a pool. If an emergency does occur, it’s best to have the essentials nearby, such as a first aid kit, clothing, and a cellphone.  

Learn CPR

Protect others while at the pool in case of an emergency by learning how to perform CPR. You never realize how important knowing CPR is until it’s too late. CRP training saves lives and is quick and easy to learn with help from the American Red Cross


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