Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Swimming pools are one of the best ways to beat the summer heat.

They also add to the beauty and aesthetics of your yard.

These maintenance tips will help keep your swimming pool beautiful and clear all summer long.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Remove Debris from the Surface – If you have trees, bushes, or plants nearby your pool, you might find that there is floating debris on the surface of the water.  Empty the skimmer basket regularly and dispose of the waste away from the pool so that it can’t blow back into the water.
  • Vacuum the Pool – Set up your pool vacuum and clean up any algae, leaves and leftover debris at the bottom of the pool.
  • Test Your pH – You should check the chemistry of your pool weekly to make sure that it is at the right pH.
  • Clean the Pump Filter – Cleaning the hair/lint catcher in the pump will help keep the system running smoothly.  Unscrew the trap cover, remove the basket, and empty it into the garbage.
  • Add Chlorine to the System – Make sure that your pool has the right amount of chlorine for the weather (hot temperatures require more chlorine) and how often the pool is in use.

Ready to add a swimming pool to your backyard landscape?

Contact our office!  The professionals at Ambrosio Landscape Solutions will help you design the perfect swimming pool for your space.  Whether you are looking to add aesthetics or functionality to your space, swimming pools are a great way to create a place you’ll love to spend time all summer long.

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