Summer Prep Checklist For Your Landscape

Planning your summer days at home? We won’t lie — we are too!

When the heat begins to cover your landscape, guests arrive with coolers and beach towels in hand, ready for a day of sun and relaxation. But things do need to happen before you can enjoy that beautiful property of yours, and it’s important to note that most of the things that need to happen, can be done in about a day!

To enjoy your home all year, take notes from our list below and get prepping!

Pool Cleaning

If you plan on taking a dip in the pool anytime soon, it might be time to pull back the cover and get it prepped for the first cannonball. Grab your cleaner and toss it in, allowing any and all sediment to be picked up and taken out. Additionally, make sure you have a skimmer handy for anything that may find it’s way into the pool. These steps can help get you ready for the heatwave, and make for a great game of Marco-Polo!

Grass Trimming

Now that there’s a combination of rain, sprinkler water and heat from the sun, your grass is certainly going to want to show its colors and grow big and tall! What needs to happen though is a trimming every week or so, depending on how fast it ends up growing. Make sure that you’re keeping up to date and giving it a good mow and weed wack periodically, so it can be enjoyed at a length that won’t swallow your foot.

Clean The Patio

As the pollen falls onto all surfaces, it’s going to have to be cleaned in order to keep your furniture and fixtures brand new looking. If you’re susceptible to pollen allergens, this is imperative and should be handled every few days, and before a day on the patio. Keep in mind that stirring it up might have an effect on you, so grab a dust mask or something similar for use during your cleaning.

Of course, if you’re not into doing the landscape maintenance yourself, make sure the person who does has experience in the field. At Ambrosio landscapes, we’ll work to make sure that everything on your New Canaan and surrounding area’s landscape stays in tip-top shape all year long!


Ambrosio Landscape Solutions has dealt with a number of homes and properties in the New Canaan and Westport areas. Whether you need a custom fixture built ,or you’re just looking for help with maintaining the property, we’re here to help! Give us a call at  203-762-5167! For more tips and tricks, like us on Facebook!


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