Prepping Your Landscape For Winter

Your plants are important to your home, no matter what month it is. With winter soon approaching (we know, we know), it’s important to understand that your plants will need a little TLC before the frigid air hits. Instead of ripping plants out and replanting next year, think about what you can do to enable them to last through the winter and blossom beautifully come spring.


Trees deserve to be wrapped. If these have been planted recently, it’s a good idea to wrap the base of the trunk and upward with a layer of metal chicken wire. This prevents animals and critters from gnawing on and taking off bark for their own warmth. Additionally, this will extend the life of your trees for years to come, not worrying about anything jeopardizing the integrity.

Roses should be mulched, and in some cases, wrapped. It’s important to cease trimming your roses in early fall due to the new sprouts that occur. The baby stems won’t be able to make it through the harsh winter anyway, thus your efforts prove useless. Before the first frost, place mulch around the entire area, and wait. After the ground begins to harden, place more and water. This will help protect the layer of dirt and mulch that critters so deeply love to nearly in.

If tackling your entire landscape isn’t for you, there are plenty of options that suffice. Ambrosio Landscapes offers a comprehensive maintenance plan designed to keep your plants from dying and remain in tip-top shape throughout the colder months. To learn more about how we can help, make sure to give us a call or fill out our contact form today before it’s too late!

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