Powerwashing 101: Must Know Tips

With spring officially on the way, it’s time to get your house in shape for the warmer months ahead — and who doesn’t like a little bit of curb appeal?

In terms of keeping your house clean, there are a number of things you can do — but power washing seems to be one of the best techniques in terms of home cleanliness!

Though it might seem easy, there are a ton of things you should be wary of when power washing your home for the first time.

Below we have a few tips on how you can benefit from effective power washing

Watch The Siding

When washing your siding, it’s important to be careful of the sensitive areas at the seams of your home. Make sure that when you’re pointing it at the house, the angle is safe for you to be washing it, and no damage can occur. While it also goes without saying, you should certainly avoid ANY window fixtures. The pressure of the water could very well break the windows.

Steer Clear Of Grass

If you’re power washing your driveway or walkways, it’s important to make sure to not hit the grass and dirt in the areas that surround them. Not only will this send dirt, mud, and grass flying everywhere, but it can quickly kill the plants around it, thus making it difficult to grow back.

Work Slowly

While it might look like you’re doing a perfect job power washing one specific area, it’s important to go slow and make sure that each piece you’re cleaning is being cleaned exactly how the previous area has been. Especially for extremely weathered areas, this is an important part of making the space you’re cleaning equally appealing with no streaks or missed spots.

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