Pool Cleaning Tips You Need To Know For Summer

With the scorching days of summer on the way, it’s time to get thinking about how you’re going to keep your pool crystal clear during the warmer months.

The last thing you need on a sunny weekend is the hassle of spending hours upon hours cleaning your oasis before taking a dip.

In reality, little forms of maintenance can drastically help the situation, and you can get back to enjoying it faster than ever. Check out a few ways to do so below!

Clean The Filters

The filter in your pool is constantly looking for dirt and debris to filter out of the water, but after all, the surface area of a pool can be pretty big. This will require you to continuously clean the filter out, and make sure that nothing is in the way. This will greatly improve the quality of your water and allow for less intrusion of unwanted debris.


Skimming the pool only takes a few minutes, and should also be done regularly, or after a windy day. When things begin to stick to the top, it only becomes a matter of time before they sink to the bottom. At that point, it’d take a bit of deeper cleaning in order to get it out. A quick skim takes no more than a few minutes and can keep your water as clear as ever!

Chemical Balancing

Check on the chemicals often to make sure that they’re not under or overpowered before getting in. Chlorine is there to kill the germs and bacteria, so it’s important to do so. The pool’s pH level is also a big factor, and should always be monitored. If you’re having trouble maintaining it, consider a few different things you can buy to help regulate them.

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