Patio BBQ Tips

Hosting a BBQ is fun — hosting a BBQ where everyone has to squeeze by one another to get a chair isn’t fun.

While it’s something you might not think of, the arrangement of your patio furniture is something that makes or breaks the atmosphere of a get-together. When people are eating, they want their space, and that goes for when they’re sitting around having a conversation as well.

By strategically organizing your landscape outdoors, you’re creating the abode that will have your guests begging to know the next time you’re hosting another party.

Kitchen Area

Don’t place the kitchen near the seating. Sure, it might be a long walk to grab the food, but the grill smoke and crammed atmosphere may make your guests uncomfortable. It’s much easier to walk an extra step or two than shimmy by the chef with a plate of burgers, trying to balance them with your drink. We promise, your patio doesn’t want the food as much as your guests do.

Ample Seating

You have 10 guests coming over, and six seats. Yeah, we know there are a few lounge chairs over by the firepit, but typically, your guests want to feel included. You have two options, make them sit away from you, or stand up and eat. Both options aren’t the most suitable in order to create a home-y atmosphere. Invest in a few more chairs, and opt for a table that can fit a few extra. For good measure, make sure your patio is big enough to handle these chairs too!

When it comes to your custom patio options for BBQ’s, don’t skimp out on your guests. It might be your home, but make sure your guests can enjoy it, too 🙂

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