Outdoor Lighting Tips for 2016

After the grueling winter we’ve experienced in Westport, CT, we’ll soon be able to enjoy warm summer nights from the comfort of our backyard. Fortunately, those days aren’t too far away, and the countdown is becoming smaller by the day.

Have you thought about the lighting you’re going to use in your backyard this summer?

Having a conversation with friends in complete darkness probably isn’t the ideal night — unless you’re telling spooky stories!

If that’s not your style, here are a few accent lighting ideas for your landscape this year!

  • Colored lighting can be great for path lights. And we don’t mean colored lightbulbs — placing lights near plants with color can create a custom hue for you and your guests as they stroll down your walkway!
  • Fireplace light. What’s cozier than an outdoor fireplace?  Add a fireplace or firepit at the end of your patio or in the middle of a group of chairs to inspire conversation and provide a great space for congregating. Plus, it’ll keep the bugs away!
  • Overhead lighting is a modern, tasteful, and inexpensive way to illuminate an area. It can be strung out for low subtle lighting, or bunched together for a much brighter appearance. The best part is, there are endless options as to what kind of bulbs you can choose based on your taste.
  • Subtle accent lighting is important if you’re trying to highlight some of the key features of your landscape. By adding some dimension to your landscape, you’re creating an inviting setting for your guests — walking in, they’ll feel right at home!

Are you looking to transform your landscape into the backyard getaway of your dreams? Ambrosio Landscape Solutions is committed to making them become a reality!

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