One Mistake You Make Every Time You Decorate for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner — so it’s time to start decorating!

Wrap the bushes in spider webs, hang a skeleton from a tree, and put out your scariest decor to strike fear into the eyes of trick or treaters!

However, while every year homeowners will decorate, many will continue to make the same mistake…


Not Creating a Designated Path

Forgetting to make a direct path to your front door will cause trick or treaters to approach the house from all directions. This means the odds of people walking all over your lawn (with eggs and shaving cream in hand) drastically increases.

Having dozens (sometimes hundreds) of children (and parents) walking on your lawn can easily hurt it. Therefore, you want to draw people’s attention to a designated walkway.

How to Create a Driveway Path

If you have landscape lighting in place already, then you’re already in good shape. However, if not, you should look to add some temporary lighting from the opening of your driveway (or walkway) all the way to your front door.

Yes, there will be those pesky trick or treaters who will still run across your lawn to create the shortest path, but many will follow your designated pathway — especially if you make it fun and spooky.

  • Lighting – Use outdoor-safe lighting for your pathway. The last thing you want is for rain or any type of liquid to touch the lighting and cause a dangerous situation to your home and the people around it.
  • Decorations – Place a majority of decorations along the pathway. For those who LOVE Halloween decorations, they will be more inclined to check them out as they walk along the pathway — rather than skipping them by creating their own shortcut (especially parents with small children).
  • Obstacles – If you’re planning on using your driveway as part of the pathway to your front door, make sure there are no obstacles in the way. For starters, move cars into the garage, so trick or treaters have a clear path. If the front door is too difficult to get to, consider handing out candy in front of your garage so people can go from the street to your driveway to the garage. Easy peasy!

Decorating for Halloween can be fun and exciting — just be sure to not make this one mistake that will really hurt your lawn.

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