Make Way For Spring Flowers Now

Battling the cold is something everyone, unfortunately, must do during this time of year.

What they don’t necessarily know is that there are a number of things that should be prepared in order to preserve and maintain a healthy home and landscape during the spring and summer.

While snow might be capping a number of accessories around your home, there are a few things you can do when it melts away to help your landscape thrive.


It’s important to understand that soil is one of the best things to add to your list of things to perfect for the winter, specifically because it helps everything grow. Now is a great time to turn over some of that soil (about 6 inches deep) and get is prepared for the spring.

Topsoil is an area in which your roots grow the most, so make sure that it’s fresh and ready for planting is huge come springtime.

Pay Attention To Growth

Should you choose to plant yourself, it’s important to take note of the size of the plant you might be dealing with.

Make educated decisions on the size of your plants’ growth within 6 weeks and 6 months, to ensure that you’re getting enough time for them to grow, and you have enough space.

Plan For Maintenance

You’re going to need to spend time taking care of your new landscape, and it does require some time. Set aside time each weekend to make sure that you’re planning ahead for upkeep and what it might take to maintain during the spring and summer.

If you don’t have the time but want your plants to live, hiring a landscape expert to manage your property is the best thing you can do to ensure everything stays beautiful all season long.  

Ambrosio Landscape Solutions has dealt with a number of homes and properties in the New Canaan and Westport areas. Whether you need a custom fixture built, or you’re just looking for help with maintaining the property, we’re here to help! Give us a call at  203-762-5167! For more tips and tricks, like us on Facebook!

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