Landscaping Myths That Will Lead You to Disaster

Every homeowner should be able to mow their lawn and provide their property with routine maintenance. However, there are some landscaping myths out there that will lead these homeowners to cause serious damage to their lawn and property.

Don’t fall for these myths — know the truth so you can become a better homeowner.

Myth #1: Water Your Lawn in the Evening to Conserve Water

Turning on your sprinkler system after the sun goes down is probably the worst thing you can do for your lawn. Without the sun to dry up any residual water left on top of your lawn, it will sit and allow the fungus to grow. When your lawn develops a lawn disease, it could end up with you having to rip up and re-seed your entire lawn — no thank you! Stick to a late-morning, mid-day watering routine.

Myth #2: Cutting Your Grass Shorter Will Save You Time

Why yes, if you lower the height of the mower blade, the grass will be shorter. However, this can seriously damage your lawn. Grass that’s cut from too long to too short will be put into a state of shock. The lawn will be stripped of vital nutrients and blades will be made up of mostly bare stock and not enough leaf — resulting in brown patches. This will lead homeowners to believe the lawn needs more water, thus leading to overwatering. A vicious cycle you want to stay far away from.

Myth #3: Any Form of Landscaping is Beneficial

Wrong! Landscaping can only provide increased home value and curb appeal if it’s done correctly. For those who attempt landscaping on their own and miss the target, they can potentially do more harm than good. A few common mistakes include:

  • Cutting Your Lawn Too Short – Increased risk of developing brown patches, and even killing your lawn.
  • Planting Trees & Shrubs Too Close to Home – Increased risk of pest invasion, home damage via broken tree branches, and ruined siding via trapped moisture in plants.
  • Pruning All Plants the Same Way – Treating all plants the same is a sure way to kill a majority of them. Some need to be pruned in a specific way at a specific time of the year, so you better do your research!

Believing these landscaping myths can put your home value, curb appeal, and lawn’s health all at risk. When you want landscaping professionals to make your property look as beautiful as it can be, contact Ambrosio Landscape Solutions. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (203) 762-5167.

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