Keep Warm This Fall With an Outdoor Fire Pit

Fall is the perfect season for enjoying the outdoors! It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold — it’s just right (as Goldilocks would say).

There are those fall nights where it does get chilly, but there’s a solution to being able to stay outside to enjoy the nighttime foliage.

The Answer: Outdoor Fire Pit!


Out With the Cold

Sitting outside on the patio is a great way to get some fresh air, enjoy the beauty of nature and your backyard, as well as relaxing with family and friends (or even yourself). With the help of a trusty fire pit, you’ll be able to do this deep into the fall and even in early winter. Keeping everybody warm is as easy as lighting up a few logs as you gather around this lovely circle (or square).

For the Kids

While you can certainly enjoy a nice adult beverage with your friends and family members, you can also enjoy some snacks with the kiddies! Toast marshmallows for some delicious s’mores, cook a weenie for a hotdog or even grab yourself an old-school popcorn maker that you can place over the open flame. Relaxing time just turned into snack time!

Make it Last a Lifetime

You can easily go online or to the store and purchase a fire pit for the patio, but it will usually rust and deteriorate within a year or so. Your best bet for being able to have one last year after year? Have one built into or next to your back patio by a professional. This professional will be able to match it to your current patio as well as placing it in the ideal spot where there is the perfect amount of space to gather around it.

Don’t miss out on some good outdoor fall hangouts — installing a fire pit is exactly what you need to get the most out of this beautiful (and cool) season. To learn more about fire pits, or to schedule an appointment, contact Ambrosio Landscape Solutions at (203) 762-5167.

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