Ideas for Recycled Pallets

Whether you’re looking at old pallets on your property, or you’ve got the DIY bug, one thing is certain — without a purpose, those wooden boxes simply take up too much unnecessary space.

As the weather gets nicer, there are things that you may want in your yard this year — so why pay full price for them?

With a little elbow grease, you can create masterpieces right in your yard!

  • If you’re looking for a simple yet rustic way to house your plants, you can build a planter! This will enable you to create any shape using the wood, adjusting height and depth to your liking. That is of course if you’re not into the whole flower pot thing.
  • Even the small pieces can get used for a birdhouse! Not only are these easy to make, but you can get very crafty on a Saturday afternoon, creating something unique for birds to nest in. Might we suggest one that resembles your own house?
  • If you’ve got kids, you know how much outside playtime means to them. A sandbox is one of the easiest things to make from pallet wood, and provides them with hours of endless fun! Make sure, however, that you’re sanding this wood before using it to avoid splinters.

For the more complicated structures, Ambrosio Landscape Solutions is here to cater to your needs. From pools to patios, we’re ready for your dream project!

Transform your landscape into the backyard getaway of your dreams! Ambrosio Landscape Solutions is committed to making those dreams become a reality! If you’re ready to reimagine your outdoor space, give us a call at  203-762-5167! For more tips and tricks, like us on Facebook!

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