How To Protect Your Yard From Ticks

Anyone living in the Northeast knows how frustrating having ticks on your property can be to you, your family, and your pets. With warmer weather just around the corner, there are several steps many homeowners can take to ensure their tick issue is under control come summer.

Mow Your Lawn

Nothing makes your yard stand out than a freshly cut lawn. Besides the aesthetic benefits, it is also your best course of defense against ticks, as they love to hide in tall grass. The shorter the lawn, the less chance you have of a tick infestation.

Make Wood Or Gravel Barriers

If you live near a wooded area, ticks can make their way into your lawn pretty quickly. However, if you have a thick wood walkway or gravel area separating the grass from the woods, the ticks are less likely to enter on to your property. The textures are undesirable for ticks and will keep them far from where you walk.

Replace Old Furniture

Old furniture that has been sitting in your backyard forever is a tick’s favorite spot for hiding. Consider cleaning your furniture or getting a nice upgrade! You should also keep your outside area clean often to avoid mold or other bugs. An organized backyard will be one you’ll be more likely to enjoy all season long. 

Get Rid Of Trash

Keeping trash past its prime can attract a whole set of critters such as possums and raccoons, and with them can come bugs and ticks. Keep your garbage cans covered and out of the way of any intruders.

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