How to Protect Your Garden Pots During the Winter

Did you take steps to prepare your garden for winter this year?  Cold winter temperatures can damage sensitive plants and trees.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you get through the rest of the winter.  If you do end up with plant damage after the cold winter we have had, we can help prepare your landscape for spring and prevent future garden problems next year!

Winter Care Tips:

  • Bring Certain Plants Inside – When possible, we recommend bringing sensitive plants indoors during the winter.   Certain plants need a frost-free minimum winter temperature to live healthily.  If you did not bring these plants inside in the Fall, you may need to replace them in the spring.  Plants that are sensitive include: trailing abutilon, aloe, begonias, cactus, citrus, licorice, winter jasmine, Chinese fan palms, geraniums, etc.
  • Wrap Delicate Flower Pots – Ornamental containers aren’t built to withstand freezing temperatures.  Wrap them in burlap and secure tightly at the top and bottom of the pot with a strong garden string.  This will help keep the pot warm and protect it from the winter temperatures.
  • Keep Sensitive Plants Warm – Tender plants should be wrapped in horticultural fleece before the cold weather hits.
  • Line Clay Pots – Adding bubble wrap to the inside of your clay pots in the spring will help minimize moisture and evaporation.  They will also help keep the roots snug in the winter when the temperatures drop.

Check out this article from HGTV for more tips on how to protect your garden pots and plants during the cold winter months.  You can also contact our office for more information on how to protect your garden on cold days – and if your landscape has suffered this winter – we can help you plan for the spring too!

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