How to Create An Energy-Efficient Landscape

Did you know that your landscape design can have an impact on your summer energy costs?

With the right design, your landscape can actually help you save money and energy.

Here are a few tips to help you create an energy-efficient landscape this summer.

Energy-Efficient Landscaping Tips:

  • Plant Evergreen Trees and Shrubs – Evergreen trees and shrubs should be planted near the north and northwest of your home.  This helps stop wind in the winter and protects your home and by planting them on either side of your home, you can protect your home against heat gain in the summer.
  • Water in the Morning – When you water your lawn plays a big role in how efficient your landscape will be.  During the summer months, it’s important to water your lawn in the morning.  If you water in the afternoon, a lot of the water will evaporate before it is absorbed by your plants.
  • Organize Your Plants – Group plants with similar water needs next to each other.  This will help you save water and keep you from over watering your plants so that they stay healthy and beautiful all summer long.

Want to improve your landscape this summer?  Contact our office!  The professional landscape design professionals at Ambrosio Landscape Solutions can help you design the perfect look for your yard.

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