How to Close Your Swimming Pool

It’s almost that time of year.

With Fall weather around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about closing up your swimming pool for the cooler weather.   Properly closing your pool will help save you time and money when the warm spring and summer weather comes around once again.

These tips will help you protect your swimming pool from damage through the cool months.

Winterizing Steps:

  • Adjust Your Water Chemistry – Before you close your pool for the season, it’s important to make sure that your water chemistry is in balance.  Check the pH, alkalinity, and hardness to prevent damage while the pool is not in use.  Then, shock the water to kill any bacteria and add winterizing algaecide.
  • Clean Out the Pool – Take out the ladder, your floaties, and anything else that you have in your pool through the summer months.  Store all of the equipment in your garage or shed.  Don’t forget to skim the pool for leaves on the surface, as well as vacuum the floor to remove debris.
  • Lower the Water Level – Lower the water level of the pool just below your skimmer.
  • Drain the Equipment – Make sure that all of your pool equipment is drained of water.  This means drain your pumps, filters, heaters, and chlorinators.  You don’t want these pieces to freeze over the winter!
  • Cover the Surface – Lastly, it’s time to cover the surface of your pool with a cover that is tightly sealed.  Use water bags to ensure that the cover is sealed as tightly as possible.  Air pillow should be placed under the cover to prevent the expansion of ice.

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