How to Cleanup Your Garden This Fall

With the leaves falling and the temperatures dropping, it’s time to clean up your garden for the season.

These property maintenance tips will help keep your garden in good condition through the colder months – and make sure that it’s ready for plants next spring!

Fall Cleanup Tips:

  • Bury Your Vegetable Garden – If you grew zucchini, tomatoes, and other vegetables over the summer, it’s time to pull and prune the dead and dying plants.  Bury the plants in a compost pile and if you notice any diseased or infested plants, be sure to place them in the trash.
  • Pull Weeds – Fall is the season for getting rid of weeds.  You want to get rid of weeds before they flower and send seeds into your garden that will sprout next spring.
  • Continue Watering – Continue to water your perennials and flowering shrugs through the winter months.  This will help them stay healthy through the cold winter!
  • Add Mulch – If you plan on adding a flower bed next spring, cover that area with mulch to help keep the soil healthy for next year!
  • Check Your Trees – Remove broken limbs and clean up the areas around your trees.  You’ll want to get rid of any fallen leaves so that the area around your tree stays healthy.
  • Rake Your Leaves – Leaves prevent sunlight and nutrients from getting to your lawn.  Cleanup and leaves to help keep your lawn in good condition.

If your home is in need of fall cleanup services, our professional landscape designers and property maintenance experts are here to help!   Our professionals will help keep your lawn and garden healthy so that it’s ready for next spring!  Visit our website to learn more about our landscaping services.  You can also call 203-762-5167 to reach our office directly with any questions you may have.

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