How to Care for Your Pond in the Winter

A pond can be a beautiful addition to your yard.  They can help add relaxation and zen to your home.  They do require some maintenance when the temperatures begin to plummet.  Here are a few tips to help your pond and your fish survive during cold temperatures.

Cold Weather Pond Tips:

  • Use a De-Icer – Install a de-icer before the freezing temperatures hit.  The de-icer will help keep part of the surface of your pond from freezing over.  This will allow for oxygen and gas exchange that will help keep your fish alive.
  • Aerate – Aerators are another way to keep your pond well oxygenated during the winter and it will also help keep part of the pond open.
  • Thawing Out – If you do experience a pond emergency, you need to first thaw a shallow section of your pond.  Do not use a chisel or tool – this can shock your fish.
  • Remove Snow – It has been a snowy winter.  Any snow that builds on the surface of the pond prevents light from penetrating the surface.  This reduces the amount of oxygen in your pond.  It’s important to remove the snow from the pond surface after each snowfall.

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