How Can I Add Curb Appeal to My Home During Winter?

Wouldn’t you agree that the exterior of your home isn’t the best looking during the wintertime?

With all of the half-melted snow, road salt, dead grass, and any storm damage — the winter elements sure can give your property a beating.

But that doesn’t mean you should settle for a home that isn’t beautiful year round! There’s a ton of ways you can add curb appeal to your home during the wintertime.

Focusing on Safety Will Also Reward You With Beauty

Before you focus on the ‘extra’ things that can add beauty to your home, make sure the exterior is functional. Pay attention to these areas on your property, provide consistent maintenance, and replace when necessary:

Making Sure Your Driveway is in One Piece

During the winter, the driveway will see a lot of snow and ice, and it’s important to always clear this from the surface. A cleared driveway will help prevent slips and falls, as well as lessening the chances of small cracks becoming larger via the freezing and expansion of water as it turns to ice.

What to Do: Have any cracks sealed (via repair or a full replacement) to give your driveway a smooth, clean look — while also making it easier to shovel when it does snow.

Being Able to Safely Climb Your Steps

Like the driveway, steps should be cleared to help prevent anyone from slipping and falling. If the stairs aren’t in the greatest condition, it will be easier to lose your footing, so pay attention to any loose or missing pieces of stone or cement.

What to Do: Have any faulty steps repaired or replaced to minimize the risk of falling whilst climbing them. In addition to the steps themselves, inspect the handrails beside them. If they’re not sturdy and cannot support the weight of the person leaning on them, have them replace or bolted in tighter.

A new set of steps with handrails to match could be what your entryway was missing all along!

Lighting Up Your Property the Right Way

Navigating through snow and ice on your property can be a tough task during early mornings or after the sun has set. Landscape lighting is meant to guide your eyes throughout the landscape. You don’t need to guess where a certain step is or if there’s ice in front of you when you have the right amount of landscape lighting in place.

What to Do: Strategically adding these lights can lead you down a path you need to follow or even highlight specific areas you would like to show off to the passerby. Alongside a professional, map out the walkways and areas you would like to illuminate for a safe AND beautiful looking property during all hours of the day/night.

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