Why Your Home Needs New Outdoor Steps

You parked the car and are making your way to the front entry door — what do you need to be functional, secure, and easy on the eyes?

Why the steps leading to your front door, of course!

If your outdoor steps are none of these things, you might be in need of an upgrade.



If your home has outdoor steps that are broken, uneven, or difficult to climb, then how do you expect to ever walk through your front door? Climbing up and down your steps should be an effortless motion in your day, not a challenge in itself (especially for children, seniors, and those with limited mobility). After you evaluate your outdoor steps, if they’re not as functional and easy to use as they should be, consider a replacement.


When stairs are broken, uneven, and difficult to climb, not only are they not functional — they’re a liability. Imagine inviting someone to come over to your home for dinner or a quick visit and having them fall on your steps. As the homeowner, you will be liable for any damage and injuries they sustain. The money you think you’re saving on newly upgraded steps can cost you way more in medical bills or an injury lawsuit.

Curb Appeal

New outdoor steps will allow you to easily walk to and from your home, but who says you can’t make them look beautiful? Upgrade the curb appeal of your home by redesigning these steps with full slabs of stone, granite, or using Belgium Block or pavers.Our professionals will work with you to make your vision of a custom beautiful entryway, come true!

You shouldn’t have to settle for outdoor steps that cause you to fall when you climb them and wince when you look at them.

When you’re fed up with your outdoor step’s functionality and look, contact Ambrosio Landscape Solutions. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (203) 762-5167.

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