Halloween Landscape Designs

Halloween is a time for trick or treating, your best costumes, and fall weather. But what else deserves to celebrate the brisk weather and festivities?

Your landscape of course! Before deciding that it’s too cold to make your home look nice before winter, there are a ton of Halloween and fall-themed additions you can make without a lot of work or time!

After all, you can’t leave your home out this season!

Sticks n Stones

Have a wheelbarrow laying around? One of the easiest decorations lies in these! Grab a pile of sticks and leaves collected from your property and place them in the wheelbarrow. Next, grab a plastic skeleton from the Halloween store and break him apart. Place him inside the wheelbarrow as if he’s going for a ride, or he’s just been dug up! You’ll be the only person on your block to utilize landscaping and decorations at the same time.

Creepy Eyes

Keep your old toilet paper and paper towel rolls and cut the silhouette of evil eyes into them. Grab a bag of glow sticks and crack a few open. Place the glowsticks into the rolls and shove them into bushes and shrubs to create the eerie look of something watching your passerby’s

Ghoulish Hands

What about your pond at home? There’s gotta be a way to spice that up, right? Of course, there is! Using rubber hands, mold them into the mud in the shallow end half into the water. This gives the illusion that “swamp people” may be climbing out from the water, sure to spook even the toughest of guests! There’s a way to decorate everything.

At the end of the day, your landscape should also be prepared for the winter ahead. To schedule a comprehensive maintenance appointment, give the professionals at Ambrosio Landscape Solutions a call! We’re ready to help with whatever you may need!

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