De-Icing Your Walkways

Ice on your driveway isn’t necessarily the best thing in the world.

While we’re a little ways away from winter and the harsh reality of snow, there are a ton of factors that must be considered early, before it hits. Keeping your walkways free of ice is one thing, but also keeping them from disintegrating is another.

There are a few ways you can keep your home in check while protecting your walkways.

Safe Salt

Depending on the type of paving stones you have laid down on your driveway or walkway, there are a few different options you can choose from when it comes to keeping them free of ice.

Typically, you’ll pick from sodium chloride, calcium chloride, and calcium magnesium acetate. Each one presents different uses for different types of pavers to ensure that it doesn’t dry out and ruin your stones.

Some are more favorable than others as well because it is safer for children and pets. Before buying any old salt, make sure you’re reading the labels properly.


If your steps and walkways are fairly new, you know that you can’t just lay down salt and hope for the best.

Instead, grab some inexpensive tarp and lay it down on the walkway and steps before the storm. The next morning, pull it up as if you were making the bed (after light shoveling, of course)

Preventing the moisture from sticking and freezing onto the solid ground is a good way to keep it from freezing. Plus, you can use this method every time it’s about to snow heavily!

Of course, all snow removal isn’t easy. If you’re not up to the challenge this year, book an appointment with Ambrosio Landscape Solutions. When the winter hits, you can rest assured knowing the snow will be easily removed from your property without hassle at all!

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