Custom Privacy Options At Home

Enjoying privacy at home is something many desire, yet do not have the means of always taking advantage of.

Based on potential spatial constraints or current designs, your home might not be as private as you might think.

But with spring a few months away, maybe it’s time to think about how you can make additions to your home to allow for maximum privacy this year.

Below are just a few things you can do to achieve this with simple additions to your landscape!


Building a wall around certain areas of your property can limit how much your neighbors might be able to see. Additionally, this can be styled to fit your home’s current design and can be built as big as you’d like it. A good idea is to utilize it around the front of your property as well in order to prevent unwanted guests from roaming on a property in which they don’t belong.


Something perfect to also attach to your new walls is a gate at the entrance to your driveway. Instead of allowing people to freely roam in and out, a gate can keep unwanted guests from using your driveway to turn around or enter unwanted. This adds a safe layer of privacy and can also be built to your tastes, corresponding with a theme at home.


Thinking ahead for years to come, shrubbery around your property can add a number of year-round benefits for all to enjoy. In addition to bringing a little bit more ‘green’ to your living space, this can add flair by providing private shade and a place to play for the kids. Hammocks and treehouses are also a future option when the tree reaches peak potential, which can lead to fun summer days and awesome scenery available from many vantage points.

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