Budget Additions To Your Landscape

If you’re at home, thinking about some of the changes you might be able to make to your home — you’re not alone! Specifically in the summer, homeowners are looking for those little things that can be done to improve the outdoor experience of their landscape. Especially with the amount of nature that CT provides, there’s no surprise as to why it’s so important to many families and groups. But these changes don’t have to run up a bill and can be very budget friendly — check some of our ideas below!


Little do you know, that lighting in your landscape can actually translate into a ton of new looks and ambiance within your yard! These nifty additions can be pointed at trees, benches, pools and more to highlight everything your landscape has to offer, while also lighting up the area for nighttime activities! The best part is that these fixtures don’t cost too much and they’re useful and durable!

Lounge Areas

There are chairs, and then there are chairs that make you let out a deep sigh and wonder how you ever lived without this specific comfortable chair. This is just one of the additions you can make to your landscape that give you both a new place to sit, as well as the ability to relax outdoors in different areas. Consider these for places that have room to hang out — especially if they’re a bit empty!


While it’s nice to have minimalistic additions at home, the smallest things can sometimes make the biggest differences. Consider having a few things added such as trees, shrubbery, and other forms of green that bring both life and appeal to your home. This way, you can enjoy nature each and every day, as well as the reality that you didn’t have to spend much to do so!

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