Best Plants For You

Although green happens to be a great color to look at, extra hues of pink, purple and red aren’t too bad either!

This summer, think about some of the plants in your yard! By adding an abundance of new colors in your yard, it will take on a whole new look, transforming it from an outdated landscape to an outdoor getaway.

Here are a few to consider:

Best Plants For You | Landscape Design New Canaan CT | Westport CT


Sporting a light purple color on the petals, Asters will last you all summer, and even into the fall if picked and maintained properly. Typically at this point in the year, they’ll be available in gallon containers, ready for transfer into a new area and patch of soil.


Another bright, summery flower is the daisy. These plants are at most, around 3 feet in length, with long yellow petals supported by a chocolate center. They’re great on the border of your landscape, as well as centerpieces. Goldilocks daisies are available in smaller sizes, around 10 inches tall.

Monkey Flower

For those looking for a more unique flower, the monkey flower is a great addition to any landscape. Available in red, yellow and orange, these flowers bloom all throughout the summer, with vibrant hues guaranteed to attract the eye. Not only are they great outside, they can be brought inside and used as centerpieces for your next family gathering!

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