Benefits Of a Vegetable or Fruit Garden

Having a vegetable or fruit garden within your landscape offers more benefits than you might realize.

In fact, it’s very beneficial to not only the health of you and your soil, but it has some great aesthetic benefits too —

  • Growing your own produce can reduce your chances of being exposed to pesticides to a whopping zero percent! You’re in control of what you use to promote the healthy growth of your plants You’ll also cut costs at the grocery store — and who doesn’t like saving money?
  • By choosing what to grow, you can also spice up your landscape’s overall appearance. Growing certain things will not only look great because of their vibrant colors, they’ll add a natural and fresh aroma to the surrounding areas too!
  • Fruit and vegetable waste makes great compost! Composting is a great way to recycle the picked portions that go unused and re-insert them back into the environment. This is not only the ‘green’ option, but it’ll save money on topsoil costs.
  • Someone has to tend to the garden, right? Soak up some Vitamin D and get moving! You’ll increase physical activity when regularly working in your garden, which is a comparable alternative to a walk around the block.

Turning a bit of your landscape into a garden isn’t the hardest thing ever, and the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. All it takes is patience, a water source, and a few feet of space out in the great outdoors!

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